Using Enigma Sex Tracker, your relationship will be improved and both you and your partner become more satisfied with your sex life. Men do not always understand women... Enigma Sex Tracker is the tool that keeps track of  how the woman's biological clock is running and gives you more sex, better sex and help you to have a good relationship, even during periods when she is less sexually receptive. Already in the first month you will see a much improved performance. Enigma Sex Tracker works by PMS, menstruation and ovulation periods are followed month after month and You can simply log the times when you were most sexually active. The last ten sessions are saved to the next months so that you see when the best time in the next period occurs. By presenting all this information in a clear graphical interface that  makes it unnecessary to keep track of  a calendar and you know every day how to plan the evening just by a quick look at the app. The settings are very simple and you just need to know when her period roughly begins and can then gradually adjust the setting to get a more accurate tool. It gets you started right away and you can plan life together.





The Red field marks the period and is by default four days but can be changed with the button named "Period".


The white dots mark "normal" condition...


The green field mark the ovulation period and is a period when most women like to have sex and is also the time when it is the biggest chance to become pregnant.


The blue marker is the ovulation day.


The orange period marks the PMS(pre menstrual period) and is often recognized as a period when she is easy to irritate and discussions should be avoided.


The yellow dot marks the current date.


The pink dots mark times when you "scored" and the last ten occasions are saved and passed on to the next month. They show when in the period you've been successful and this will also be the time when your chances to succeed are the biggest in the future.


A red dot with a pink ring around it marks a double score. This shows that two score's occured the same time in the cycle.


With the button "Date" you set the date when her period starts. If you do not exactly  know this date you can adjust it more precise later.


The cycle is by default set to 28 days average cycle but can be changed with the button "Cycle"


Enigma Sex Tracker suports english/swedish and local date formats.




















Isn't it time to take care of your sex life?



Enigma Sex Tracker is the tool that will make it happend!






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